photo of me taken by raina bowers, edited by myself

photo of me taken by raina bowers, edited by myself



I'm Michaela Emerson. I currently reside in New York City, but I grew up in little ole Texas. Growing up, I always loved creating things and I had a bit of a wild imagination. (Once I created a story that a bear came into the neighborhood and broke my bike, just so my parents wouldn't know it was me...worked out great.) After trying my hand at many creative things growing up: piano (which I still play), saxophone (which I still kinda play?), choir, acting, art, writing, photography, and anything else I could be creative in. I eventually decided to study film in college. During those four years I grew to really enjoy photography and found it to be so enamoring. I want to express myself through my creativity, in whatever form that takes. 


I am here to help in your creative endeavors. Whether it's photography, film, editing (photos & film), or writing, let me be your girl. Are you having a wedding? Recently got engaged? Graduating from college or high school (or grad school)? Need head shots? Throwing a fun birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower? Having a baby? Have a company or business? Just doing something fun? I want to help you capture the amazing, fun, and important moments in life so you can relive them. I can be your photographer for any photos you need. Maybe you have some photos or footage that need to be edited but you don't have the time? I can do that too. If you're even looking for writing, I'm there. As you can see, I'm always up for a creative adventure, and I love making people happy through art. Contact me to get something going!


I've been creative my whole life and I've always loved expressing myself through art. I want to use my abilities and my art to make people happy, to capture those precious moments, to take that shot that makes them so excited, to help them become creative as well. I think art and creativity is contagious and I think it can truly make someone happy, so if I can, that's just what I'll do.